Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Art of Power

Although it may not look like a page turner, Jon Meacham’s latest novel, is revolutionary, taking an in-depth look at one of the most powerful and influential men in American history. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power is such a moving, powerful book that even it is well worth a read. Meacham paints a picture of Jefferson that extends far beyond the scope of history books, examining the details that truly made this president a leader in all that he did. By looking at Jefferson’s strategies, morals, and professional moves, Meacham presents a powerful case that the former president truly was a self-made man. Going back to his childhood, and exploring relationships and political alliances, Meacham has a readable and truly enjoyable book with Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power. The book spans from Jefferson’s first political appointment to the establishment of America as an indepent nation, and from his presidency to his retirement at Monticello. With an engaging voice, Meacham even handles the Sally Hemings issue without seeming sordid or voyeuristic. Using primary sources and historical artifacts, Meacham has crafted a powerful work that is an ideal read for anyone interested in leadership, or the life of one of the most intriuging men in American history.

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